Summer Term

Hello Reception!!

Welcome to our Summer term of work. We are very excited about all the brilliant things that we are going to do!


  • We continue to practise all the sounds from Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 of Letters and sounds.
  • We continue to practise our tricky and high frequency words for Phase 2, 3 and 4.
  • We use our robot arms to sound out words on flash cards and then put the sounds together to make it into a word.
  • We are starting to write all the sounds we have learnt in captions and sentences.



Over the Spring and Summer term we are learning all about the people who help us. We will be reading lots of stories and looking at their features.

We will be learning about the job of :

  • the Police
  • Doctors and Nurses
  • Fire Fighters
  • Teachers
  • Vets

For each job we will talk about what people who work in these jobs do and how they help us. We will ask the children to write simple and slightly more complex sentences about the work that they do. We will also be solving some Maths word problems using our People Who Help Us topic.



For Maths over the Spring and Summer we will continue to look at the concept of individual numbers in detail all the way up to 20 e.g. what does the number 10 mean?

We will also:

  • Continue to look at one more and one less
  • 2D and 3D shapes
  • Measurement: length, weight and capacity
  • Time: times of the day and daily routine; what can you do in 10 seconds?
  • Simple addition and subtraction
  • Money
  • Sharing and doubling
  • Positional language


It’s going to be lots of fun!!

Mrs Banwell and Mrs Beaden


Quick Downloads

Phase 2 Sound Mat [PDF]

Phase 3 Sound Mat [PDF]

Phase 4 Sound Mat [PDF]

Phase 2 Tricky Words [PDF]

Phase 3 Tricky Words [PDF]

Phase 4 Tricky Words [PDF]

Phase 2 High Frequency Words [PDF]

Phase 3 High Frequency Words [PDF]

Phase 4 High Frequency Words [PDF]

100 High Frequency Words [PDF]

Preparing for School [PDF]

What to Expect [PDF]

Reception Daily Timetable [DOC]

physical activities [PDF]

Physical activities 2 [PDF]

Physical activities 3 [PDF]

Recommended reading list [DOC]

Reading Meeting [PDF]

How can I help my child with reading [PDF]

Fun Phonics Games and Activities [DOC]

Maths activities [DOC]

Letter formation [PDF]

Non-Screen Activities [PDF]

Home learning ideas [DOC]

Home Learning


Continue to read reading books at home and bring them back on your change day to get some new ones. You are all doing fantastically with your reading and if you can read for five minutes at home, you will really fly!

Home learning

Throughout the term there will be some Literacy and Maths homework. Please check your child’s bag for this on a Friday and return it at some point during the following week.


Newsletters will be sent home most weeks on a Friday with what we have been learning about during the week.